Goldberglerner Productions

Daniel Goldberg


Born in Mexico City in 1962, in 1989 was awarded a Masters Degree from USC in Film Direction and Screenwriting under the guidance of Frank Daniel.

His award winning documentary films include:

"Halcyon" (1988), a visual poem about the art of diving, starring olympic champion Greg Louganis. 

"March of the Living" (1992), which follows a voyage of 200 Mexican Jewish youths to the concentration camps of Poland to participate in an international event to commemorate the holocaust.

"A Kiss to this Land" (1994), exploring the subject of Jewish immigration to Mexico in the 1920's and 1930's.

"Chato Is Dead" (2002), a coproduction with Oren Rudavsky Productions, about the events surrounding the death of an illegal mexican worker in a construction accident in New York.

Daniel is currently directing and producing "Secret Saturday", a story of crypto Jews in North America. A series of three documentary films narrating the fascinating story of crypto Jews -Iberian Jews who where forced to convert to Catholicism during the years of the Spanish inquisition and continued to practice their Jewish faith in secret for generations- and their modern day descendants.