"IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ABRAHAM":  In the Footsteps of Abraham narrates the spiritual journey of three men from Veracruz, Mexico and the obstacles and sacrifices they must overcome in their quest to convert to Judaism and reach the Holy Land.

“My Husband’s father and sister where here for Pesach… a great time to show the film which we all enjoyed. I wanted to share some extreme emotional reactions… My father-in-law started to cry thinking of what he might have done to his parents when he left New York and what his life might have been like had he stayed. Lots of discussion of choices and regrets for hours! Pretty amazing. My sister-in-law who is in her 50’s, un-married and un-happy unloaded on us how she has never really pursued her dreams and led to a lengthy discussion about how she needs to change her life. Clearly much more of a message than a group of Mexicans who decided to become Jewish! Mazeltov on an extraordinary film!”

“STEPS TO ETERNITY” Steps to Eternity follows Aaron, an elderly man in failing health, on his daily journey of faith. Set in Jerusalem in the Jewish month of repentance, Steps to Eternity is a film about sheer determination, the struggle and will of a man and above all, his desire to live. In a 27 minutes single shot film, this one shot follows the old man who uses a walker as he walks out of his apartment towards the synagogue that is about 100 meters away and arrives at the synagogue. This journey takes him over 20 minutes and the idea of the one shot is to experience his walk through his eyes. For a young man it is a mere 100 meters, but for him arriving at his destination is a tremendous journey that requires all his strength.

“My wife and I saw the movie last night at the Arclight. We were both blown away, absolutely brilliant. It was so moving and powerful and yet so simple. In this day when post-production and special effects seems to rule the day, the idea of a single shot was so refreshing and (ironically) technically impressive. Bravo.”

Goldberglerner Productions

"A KISS TO THIS LAND" A Kiss to this Land explores the personal and human aspects of Jewish immigration to Mexico in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In the first film of the trilogy narrates the wider story of Judaism in Mexico. While each film focuses on a distinct subject and tells a complete story in itself, and each film delves into a unique and complex set of issues and addresses a separate array of questions, the series as a whole explores three facets of a single, larger and fascinating story: the story of the Jewish experience in Mexico.

“I wanted to tell you how interested and moved I was when I watched your film. It reminded me the story of my own family. My paternal grandparents left Leipzig, Germany in 1933, and lived in Paris, then Spain, then left Spain because of the Spanish civil war, and ended up in Marseille, where they bought a house. When the second zone of France started to be invaded as well, they planned a journey to escape. They took a boat in Lisbon, Portugal, for Havana, and lived there for 7 years. This boat was the last one that took refugees to Cuba. Its name was “Serpa Pinto.”